What is a Covenant Partnership?

We are calling our partnership with Reality Sports and Absolute Ministries a “covenant” because we desire to support one another's ministry regardless of what is received in return. A covenant does not put conditions on faithfulness, but rather is the unconditional commitment to love and serve one another. God is the only perfect covenantal partner, and therefore, we must rely on him to sustain our partnerships, allowing grace and forgiveness to flow freely and often.

Why partner with these ministries?

Because Gospel Life Church and these para-church organizations share a common mission & purpose to share the gospel and make disciples of Jesus Christ, we have strategically partnered together as missionaries to our culture. We believe that our Covenant Partnership will enhance and extend our impact to reach lost souls with the good news of the gospel, provide more opportunities for discipleship to occur in natural ways, and display unity in Christ to our community. Gospel Life Church cannot possibly meet all the needs within our community or provide enough ministries to reach every demographic; therefore, we must learn to partner with organizations already doing the work of ministry within our community.

Instead of creating a “sports ministry” at GLC, we want to closely partner with RS to support their mission in making disciples of Jesus through sports. Absolute Ministries has the capacity to reach people who struggle with addictions in a way that we cannot at GLC, so instead of creating a recovery ministry, we are partnering with Absolute Ministries to support their mission of housing men that have completed drug/alcohol rehab and want to follow Jesus.

These partnerships will allow us to more effectively preach and connect the gospel within the natural context of everyday life, outside the walls of church, taking the message of saving grace and hope to our neighborhoods, communities, and cities! When we operate as the body of Christ in this way, using our collective gifts, talents, capacity, and resources in unity with one another, we put Jesus on display and bring glory to His name!

How can you support the partnerships?

Pray: Please commit to pray for Gospel Life Church and for our Covenant Partners. Pray for God to meet the financial needs of each ministry, to provide enough volunteers to see mission go forth, and for Jesus to always remain the central focus of all that is done.

Promote: You can spread the word about these ministries, wear their logos, direct people to the resources they offer, and stay in the know!

Participate (time, talent, treasure): Consider joining in support of these ministries by attending their various fundraisers/events, volunteering when possible, financially giving to these ministries, and offering up other resources/connections you may have to help advance their mission.


We look forward to how God will use Gospel Life Church and these para-church organizations to advance his kingdom and spread the good news of his saving grace across our communities!

For questions about our partnerships, please email admin@glpuyallup.com



Gospel Life Church partners with ABSOLUTE Ministries to support men and women who have completed a drug/alcohol treatment program and want to live for Jesus Christ.  ABSOLUTE Ministries houses and mentors men and women who are committed to lead a substance free life, in an atmosphere that focuses on accountability, integrity, character, transparency, and responsibility.

To learn more about ABSOLUTE and to support their ministry, go to www.absoluteministries.org

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Reality sports

Gospel Life Church partners with Reality Sports to help turn the world "upside down" through the vehicle of sport.  Reality Sports exists to share the life-changing message of the gospel of Jesus Christ with athletes and families, focusing on making "disciplers" of Jesus Christ within the context of sport. 

To learn more about Reality Sports and to support their ministry, go to www.realitysports.org