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NEW DATE: Child Dedication Sunday

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At Gospel Life, we do not baptize babies, but love when dads and moms choose to lead their families together and point their children to Jesus, humbly asking the church community to help them with this noble task. There is nothing magical about a child dedication, as it does not secure the child a place in heaven (only Jesus does that) and it doesn't protect the child from any possible harm. Instead, we view it as an act of obedience that expresses a parental commitment to raising Godly children who love and serve Jesus by the grace of God!

If you would like to dedicate your child to the Lord, our next dedication will be on SUNDAY, MARCH 10TH. We'd love for you to join us! Click HERE to get signed up.

3 Reasons You Should Dedicate Your Child To The Lord


In the Old Testament, God gave Abraham a sign (circumcision) to show that he and his family were dedicated to the Lord. As we entered into the new covenant, this particular symbol was done away with as the sign. Instead Baptism replaced it as the sign for salvation. While some would say that we should baptize infants now, we personally don’t see enough in Scripture to support baptizing children. Although we do see throughout Scripture parents making commitments to raise their children to know the Lord. For example: Deuteronomy 6, Proverbs 22:6 & Luke 2:22-24.


So many children in today’s culture will never know what it means to have the daily influence of a man in their lives, let alone a man that loves Jesus.  By the grace of God, children in our church will not experience that. Instead, we are encouraging fathers and mothers to live as counter-cultural examples of the saving grace of Jesus Christ alone. As Christians and by the grace of God, we believe parents can lead their families and raise their children to know and trust in Jesus, not religion or spirituality.


At Gospel Life, we desire to see men take the initiative and together with their wives love and lead their children to Jesus and as a result build a family legacy that lasts for generations. Dedicating your child to the Lord is a step in this direction and choosing to do it with your church family allows them the opportunity to come alongside you. In so many words, you are asking your new family to help you achieve this noble task.  

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