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Beginning January 7th:

What we do with what we have is both an issue of wisdom and worship. On the one hand, it’s wise from time to time to take an inventory of our money, wealth and possessions and determine how we save, spend and use it. Wisdom is wise because it works.

But at a deeper and more foundational level, how we use these things is an indicator of who or what we worship. Jesus taught that our hearts follow our treasure (Matthew 6:21). And so the gospel – the good news about Jesus – calls us not just toward wise stewardship practices, but to a transformative, life altering conversion of our worship that will completely change how we view our finances. God loves us and provides all we have so that we can participate with Him in the gracious and glorious expansion of His Kingdom.

We hope you’ll join us as we launch into 2018 and ask God to transform our hearts by His grace, so we can worship the One and Only ALMIGHTY!