Why Scatter?

I grew up in church; therefore, getting up on a Sunday morning, putting on my church clothes, and making my way to a worship service is just about as normal as brushing my teeth. Sure I’ve missed a few services over the years, but church on Sunday is habitual for me. 

Yet as I think about our culture, the community in which we live, and the people who live all around me – this is NOT the norm for most. Actually, it’s more common for people to sleep in on a Sunday, go for a bike ride or hike, work in the yard, or watch a football game on TV. I know this goes without saying, but most people who live all around us DO NOT wake up on a Sunday morning thinking about Jesus and wanting to gather with the others to worship Him.

Because this is true, wouldn’t it be a good idea for God’s people, who normally gather on a Sunday morning, to set aside a Sunday and scatter throughout a community to intentionally meet people and reach them in the midst of what they are already doing?

Unfortunately, “evangelism” has often been communicated as a church program or an event we invite “non-Christians” to join. But what if evangelism was as simple as sharing your life with someone around you?

What if God really is in control and does the saving, so your role is to just let God love you and allow His love to flow through you into the lives of others? What if God’s plan of redemption is to love people who then love people? What if the love and grace of God really does contain the power to change even the most hardened heart? In 1 Thessalonians 2:8, Paul tells the Christians of Thessalonica that because of the gospel, he is COMPELLED to love them. Paul’s love was expressed when he willingly shared his life with others in an authentic and transparent way. You see, as rescued people we’ve been blessed to be a blessing–so receive the overwhelming love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness of God and watch it flow into the lives of those around us. When we openly share our lives with others, we have opportunities to showcase the goodness and grace of Jesus’ finished work. We must ask the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to the things God is doing all around us and simply pour out the grace already given to us! This is God’s divine plan.

As you pray and process what it might look like for you and your family to share your life and showcase Jesus with the people God has placed all around you, think long term – this isn’t a program. Think about how God has already used you, where He has placed you, and how He might want to showcase who He is and what He has done through you. But remember: this isn’t about you and it’s definitely not about the Seahawks! This is all about Jesus and His plan, so go where He is working and get a front row seat!  I’m praying for you and your family! 

-Pastor Rob