Do You Believe?

If we don't understand Genesis 3, we won’t understand the rest of the Bible. It's foundational to what the rest of the Bible addresses. In fact, if we don't understand this chapter, we won’t be able to make sense of ourselves – we’ll struggle to make sense of life. So Genesis 3 isn’t only important to understanding the Bible as a whole – it’s essential if we are going to understand who we are and why life and the world is the way it is. The truth is that every problem we have, every unfulfilled longing, every frustration, every bit of relational tension that we encounter everyday – our anger, our sadness and anxiety – all stem from what happened on the day, in that garden, at that tree. The world is NOT the way that God originally designed it to be and intended it to be. And it’s in Genesis 3 that we find out why.

This chapter describes the devil casting doubt and as a result Adam and Eve failing to believe (in the moment they give in) that God is gracious and good and that in loving kindness, He has already provided all the rich resources and provision that they (and us today) will ever need, long for, desire and crave. Therefore, upon their moment of giving into the devil’s temptation, they are failing to believe that God is a giving God and that He created to GIVE not to GET. They, in that moment are failing to believe God and are beginning to believe in themselves. So Lack of Faith is what’s actually going on here – UNBELIEF is the root issue of their sinful behavior!

The Sin Beneath All Sins Is The Sin of Unbelief

 Faith is life under grace. It’s grace that says… it’s not up to you – you can’t make yourself, you can’t create yourself and definitely can’t save yourself, not matter how hard you try… BUT GOD (my favorite words in the Bible) comes down from above to make it happen for you. This is Freedom of Faith. But faith in what? Faith in the promise that was made in Genesis 3:15 – But even more than that – faith in the ONE whom God promised in Genesis 3:15. Faith in the Redeemer, faith in the Rescuer, faith in the great Restorer of all things! This is the promise that faith clings to…On the cross, the seed of the woman (Jesus Christ) crushed the head of the serpent and so demolished all the ideas that we can ever make ourselves “Right” and set ourselves free.

The gospel is really, really GOOD NEWS friends because it declares that I don't need to save myself, defend myself, legitimize myself, and justify myself. The gospel really does set me free (Gal. 5:1). It has the power to do this because it frees me from the pressure to search the world for happiness and get for myself what I think it need to be satisfied. The announcement of the gospel proclaims that Jesus has already secured everything I could ever want, long for, desire and crave. God has already giving me EVERYTHING. The moment I first trusted in God – God made me a new creation “In Christ” (2 Cor. 5:17).

Everything I Want, Long For, Desire and crave - I Already Possess In Christ Jesus

Therefore, the gospel is an announcement that I’m not my own, but I’m also not on my own – God’s got me and He’s NOT holding out on me. God loves me and has provided for me already everything I need in the person and work of Jesus Christ.  So it’s not up to me, it's not up to you – to “get” anything…EVER to secure yourselves or satisfy yourselves. Now it’s when we realize this and give up trying to GET and REST in what God has already GIVEN we will experience true freedom (John 8:36) and the abundant life (John 10:10) that Jesus promised to Christian people. That’s the Freedom of Faith! Do You Believe?