Communities of Grace

Post by Deacon Kyle Rogers

Post by Deacon Kyle Rogers

Have you ever had your sin exposed in a gospel-centered community? For God’s glory and your joy I hope you have. But here’s the nugget of this recap: if you haven’t had your sin exposed in the context of a Jesus-loving community, and if that hasn’t happened recently enough for you to remember, I hope and pray for you this morning that Jesus exposes your sin very very soon and that you come to know in all your of bones and in the depths of your heart the amazingly sufficient grace of our Lord and Savior, King Jesus, for today! Here’s why:

Christians sin. By God’s amazing grace, if you are “In Christ Jesus”, you are no longer a sinner, but you can still choose to sin. Because of Jesus I am new, in Jesus I am righteous, and through Jesus I am reconciled to the Father (2 Corinthians 5:17-21). Amen!! However, when I forget who Jesus is and ignore the truth about who I am in Christ…I choose to live through the old-man-flesh instead of through the new-man-Spirit. When this happens…I sin. I choose to sin because I think I’m a sinner instead of choosing holiness knowing that Jesus makes me holy. My identity in Christ has not changed when I do this. I’ve just chosen to sin because I’ve made a choice to ignore who I am in Christ.

So how can I remember who I am in Jesus when I’m always so quick to forget? GRACE. God’s Grace is what happens when I know I’ve sinned, where I’ve seen my sin, and when I know that I can’t fix my sin…BUT all of a sudden I hear that my Father has placed my sin on His son and that Hisdeath gives me lifeGod’s Grace takes a hold of my heart at that moment when my sin has been exposed for all of it’s ugliness and shame BUT I hear the voice of my Jesus tell me that my sin has been crushed through His finished work for me on the cross. In this way grace collides at the intersection of hopeless and holy where I know I’m deeply lost BUT Jesus tells me I’m desperately found. And this it what makes God’s Grace so amazing…because grace is that moment of sorrow and pain and shame where all of a sudden I’m overcome by a wave of freedom and purity and joy in Jesus. This is the amazing grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…and I wonder if you’ve experienced it lately.

The place I’ve experienced God’s Grace most recently is in Community. When a Community makes much of Jesus and your sin to exposed to Christ through that Community, that Community reminds you of who you are in Christ and then shows you what grace looks like in action. They choose to love you unconditionally because that’s how Christ’s has loved them…and seeing this in action reminds us that grace is real, that grace is good, and that grace is sufficient for all of our weaknesses. Jesus uses His body, the bride, to show us what He looks like, and a gospel-centered community will always show us God and point us to what’s He’s done for us in Christ.

So here’s my challenge to you today: expose your sin to people that love Jesus. Let them know you’re not perfect and let them tell you that Jesus is. When this happens, grace happens, and when grace happens, we receive God’s love and we learn to walk in love with Him.

Check out Titus 2:11-14 today and ask Jesus to teach you about His grace. Thank you Jesus for showing us your grace through your people!