Gospel Relationships

What difference does the gospel make in your relationships? How does the gospel affect the way you look at yourself in terms of those around you; and how do you look at others in terms of yourself?

This past Sunday, Elder Candidate – Noah Winningham, did an excellent job practically breaking down Galatians 5:26–6:5 and provided us with several helpful principles for relating to others. He explained that the gospel creates a whole new kind of “self-image” which is not based on comparisons with others.

The reality is that when a person functionally believes the truths contained in the gospel, they don't become self-confident or self-despising, but both CONFIDENT and HUMBLE at the same time. The gospel actually makes the Christian Confidently Humble. According to the gospel, the believer can be confident in his or her righteousness before God (because they are receiving Jesus righteousness), but also humble because they know that it is not because of anything they have done (but because of everything Jesus has done for them).

Therefore, the gospel creates a new self-image, because it has the power to humble me before anyone, telling me that I am sinner saved only by sheer grace. But it also reassures me before anyone, telling me that I am loved and honored by the only eyes in the universe that really matter. So the gospel gives me confidence and humility that can co-exist and that increase together providing me the platform to truly love and serve those around me - like Jesus did. This is the what we call the gospel life - a life lived in freedom through christian service to others, fueled by love for God by His amazing grace. Click HERE to subscribe to the GLC podcast.