Are You Suffering from IDENTITY AMNESIA?

The disease, IDENTITY AMNESIA has plagued the church and is causing Christians to live unfruitful and ineffective lives (Peter 1:8-9). During Sunday’s sermon, we learned that most people in the Church are suffering from this disease (whether they know it or not) and because they have forgotten “WHO THEY ARE”, they are out searching for a replacement IDENTITY that will never satisfy, but instead lead to timidity, fear, doubt, worry and all kinds of addictions. Simply put, this silent killer is ravaging, destroying, devastating and crushing God’s people and is a main reason for most Christians not experiencing the abundant life that Jesus promised his followers in John 10:10. IDENTITY AMNESIA is crippling Christians and needs to be eradicated from the church.

If we are going to be cured of this disease we must consistently REMEMBER who we are “in Christ” and learn to live our lives OUT OF the new identity we have been given by God as a result of faith in the gospel. The Apostle Peter explains in 2 Peter 1:3-4 that because of the gospel, Christians have been given ALL THINGS that pertain to life and godliness – and our hope for daily living is rooted in our belief in the promises of God. Read it for yourself 1 Peter 1:1-15.

God’s Word to us is full of promises that are meant to serve as reminders of who we are and what God has in store for us in Christ Jesus. God’s Word needs to be where we get our information!!! So here is my challenge to you. Let’s remind each other RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW with the promises of God.

Here are the rules: Your post can only be one sentence and it must be followed with the scripture reference where the promise is found. I will get us going….

Because of the gospel, sin no longer contains the power to dominate me (Romans 6:14).