We Made It Virtually UNSCATHED, I Think?!

This summer has been great. We had tons of sunshine, enjoyed summer festivities and watched some fireworks.  There were even fireworks on Sunday morning, but they were more like sticks of dynamite than roman candles. If you were able to journey with us through Galatians, you likely experienced a bit of this tension, and, even at times, anger or frustration that may have felt like an explosion in your life. The message of grace that flows consistently through this letter might have felt like a bull-dozer plowing over your organized, neat-nick Christian life. If I’m going to be honest, Galatians wrecked me – it exposed tons of religious behavior and deep seeded idolatry that was hiding out in my life. It even revealed to me that I have even tried to live the Christian life without God and for myself.  WOW. Brutal!

Thankfully all of this caused me to turn from my sin and trust instead in the gospel of Jesus Christ that screams “IT IS FINISHED!” and receive once again the Amazing Grace of God!  So I made it virtually unscathed with a refocused heart and mind on the beautiful cross of our Lord and Savior!  I believe more than ever that it really is, ALL ABOUT JESUS and that the gospel of grace is the entry point to, the way to continue with, and all we will ever need in, the Christian life.

As Christians, we begin by grace, by being justified by faith in what Christ has done. But we also continue by grace, not by anything we do, but because of what Jesus has already done. The gospel is the way into the kingdom of God and the way of the kingdom of God. If you believe this, you will experience great freedom in your life everyday – this is my prayer for us as a church.

This gospel of grace is what the Galatians Christians needed to know and love, and it this is the same gospel of grace that we need to know and love today! I hope this series helped you apply these incredible truths to your life. The reality is that the gospel is a way of life; a way of life that is full of security and deep fulfillment right now and forevermore!

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Please plan on joining us this Sunday as we begin a new series, titled Gospel Life - CORE 4. This series will explain the core foundational truths that drive the “why” and “how” of all we believe and do as a church community.  See you Sunday!