Trick or Treat?

Post by Rob Mayer - Lead Pastor of Gospel Life Church

Post by Rob Mayer - Lead Pastor of Gospel Life Church

Today is Halloween. What are you doing? Maybe a better question is what should you be doing as a Christian? Some Christians believe Halloween is “the festival of the Devil” and therefore are adamant that all Christians should reject everything associated with it. Halloween does have a dark history with deep pagan roots, but do the millions of people in our culture celebrate it as such? Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas and millions of people are simple enjoying the massive amounts of candy and fun costumes that go along with it.

In my opinion, we should view Halloween as a missional opportunity to engage culture, meet people where they are at and prayerfully consider how God might want to use us to reach the lost and hurting people that are all around us. 

So with that mind set, here are a few things to take into consideration as you discern how you, your family, and your church should handle Halloween.


Too many Christians are just downright weird when it comes to Halloween. What I mean is they retreat from the world, lock their doors, turn off their lights and get under the covers on Halloween night. Worse yet, they judge other people by whether or not they celebrate Halloween. I think some Christians can and do turn non-believers off by their attitudes towards Halloween.


I think Halloween is one of the best opportunities to be missional throughout the year. Every year, my family and I get together with some other families for a meal and then we go through a small, kid-friendly neighborhood together to collect candy. It is very innocent. Every year I have a chance to talk about Jesus as we walk through the neighborhood. Don’t miss the moments and opportunities that the Lord may be giving you to share and live out your faith.


I am not advocating a wholesale celebration of Halloween. Much of it is dark and can introduce your children to the occult. I encourage you to use discernment, prayer, and set boundaries as needed. There are times when we can and should say no if it is going to compromise our faith in Christ. I can’t tell you what to do in every situation—how that plays out depends entirely on you and your context.


Talk to your children about Halloween. Tell them about the history behind it and warn them about the dark side that can and does so often get associated with the holiday. Children are smart, and Halloween can be a teaching time to share with your children and others the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Lastly, don’t judge others when it comes to celebrating Halloween. Good Christians can and do disagree on this issue. Some Christians feel very strongly about not celebrating Halloween while others have no problem with it at all. I believe that it is an open-handed issue, and that each Christian must seek the Lord and obey their conscience. You have to decide what is right for you and your family when it comes to celebrating Halloween.

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