Praising our Prize: JESUS!

Post by Deacon Alex Haisch - Director of Music at Gospel Life Church

Post by Deacon Alex Haisch - Director of Music at Gospel Life Church


At Gospel Life when we proclaim that, “It’s All About Jesus” we are taking our belief off of the false savior of our good deeds, and putting our faith in the saving death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, who is NOT primarily concerned with right living for salvation, but with right belief. This slogan means that Jesus is Lord over everything and is the center of all we believe. The Protestant Reformer, John Calvin stated that, “The knowledge of God consists not in frigid speculation, but carries worship along with it.”  This statement indicates that when we truly encounter God, He draws worship out of us. He is saying that worship is the natural response of seeing the beauty of who God truly is.  We can easily get bogged down when we attempt to KNOW as much as we can about God. KNOW God, KNOW the Gospel, KNOW the essential doctrine, but if this knowledge does not draw us to worship, we may be missing the God we are attempting to KNOW.  We could end up worshipping the things of God rather than God himself.  We could fall to the temptation of elevating the gifts above the Giver. Correct worship is about seeking and savoring God above everything else.


We use the term correct worship because everyone is worshipping something.  Contemporary Christianity has rightfully affirmed that correct worship is not only a gathering of Christians singing songs on a Sunday morning, but the lifestyle of the Christian.  However, this lifestyle changes in light of the object of worship.  Taking a glimpse into what we are naturally praising often illuminates our object of worship.  Everyone naturally praises what he or she considers to be valuable.  Shy and outgoing, hipsters and jocks, car enthusiasts and dog sledders; each and every person expresses their excitement in something.  They may do it quietly, they may do it loudly, they may high-five, they may hug, they may jump up and down, or they might run around on their hands and feet, but people get excited when they talk about the things they find to be valuable. 

The problem is we are far too easily pleased by the quick pleasures brought on by the things we prize. Jobs, homes, vacations, televisions, cars, coffee, jeans, and sports aren’t necessarily bad things, but when we work 40+ hours a week and sacrifice our health, families, and lives in order to possess our objects of worship, we quickly find that our consumption of things never fully satisfies our cravings.  Our aim in worship, is to take our eyes off the quick pleasures of this world and to push our focus on our creator God.  As a church, we intentionally gather each Sunday to corporately sing songs with the aim of praising the thing we deem more valuable than ANYTHING: the God of the Universe, who manifested Himself in Jesus Christ.


We are all worshippers and if we are honest, our worship is often misdirected to gifts rather than the Giver of gifts.  We are prone to wonder away from worshipping Jesus, so as a church we are very intentional with the songs we sing.  We want to ensure we are not singing songs that lift high our efforts towards God, but to lift high God Himself.  As a worship leader it is very tempting to pick songs that are catchy, or easy to sing along to.  However, at Gospel Life Church we believe that a catchy tune will not carry any weight in the corporate worship setting unless it proclaims the truth of who God is and what He has done.  We want to put God on display, not our efforts towards Him.  Therefore, all of the songs we sing at Gospel Life Church are aimed to kindle and carry deep, strong and real emotions toward God Himself.  Our goal in corporate worship is to raise affection towards God by the proclaiming of who He is, and what he has done.